Frequent questions

Before entering
Where can I park?

There is a small public parking lot on Ponent Street, on one side of the pavilion. There is also the option of leaving the car in the paid parking lot of the Màgic Badalona shopping center (check the opening hours on their website).

How can I get to the Olympic?

The site is located in the urban center of the city of Badalona, with stops on lines 2 and 10 north of the metro and Trambesòs (Gorg), bus H10 (Alfons XIII – Josep M. de Sagarra) and commuter train R1 ( Badalona).

Buy tickets
Can I buy my tickets directly from this page?

Currently, tickets can only be purchased through the promoters of the different events. Our links redirect to the sales channel of each promoter.

How do I collect my tickets?

Tickets, purchased through the websites of the different promoters, can be printed or downloaded to your mobile phone and shown when you arrive at the Olympic. If you have purchased tickets at another point of sale, you will have to consult with the corresponding sales manager.

Are there locations for people with functional diversity?

In compliance with current regulations, the Palau Olímpic de Badalona has seats assigned especially for people with functional diversity. It also has an entrance without architectural barriers, to facilitate access to the premises.

How can I find out about last minute changes to my next event?

Through the company promoting the event, as well as through this website, you will have all the updated information about your next concert, cultural, sports or recreational event.

The entrance
How do I know my ticket is not fake?

Always use regular ticket purchasing channels and reliable payment platforms, both at physical and online points of sale, to minimize fraud. Avoid resale, an illegal practice punishable by law.

Lost objects
If I lose something, where can I claim it?

There will be an area set up for lost objects, where they will be kept for 15 days, so that their owners can recover them.

What can I bring with me?

-Compact camera.

-Backpack or small bag that does not exceed 25L in capacity.

-Folding umbrella.

-Banners that do not exceed a DINA3, in which no type of offensive message is read.

-Sandwiches and small pieces of food that do not require the use of cutlery.

-Plastic containers without caps that do not exceed 50cl.

Can’t I enter the Olímpic?

-Professional reflex cameras or photo or video cameras.

-Banner with stick or selfie sticks.

-Shelled foods such as seeds, pistachios or peanuts.

What should I leave in the wardrobe?

Helmets, non-folding umbrellas, tablets and selfie sticks.